Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Perfect Blend: Book Review

The Perfect Blend (The Tea Shop Series)

The Perfect Blend (The Tea Shop Series) is a sweet romance about a young woman who left her home, family and job to elope with a man with whom her parents disapproved.  When she shows up at the appointed place and time, she finds that he did not.  Now she is an hour and a half from home with no job, no friends and no husband.  What is she to do?  Well, she wanders into a tea shop and makes a friend of the owner and gets herself a temporary job there.  The owner also introduces her to a handsome and nice guy.  Just as things are starting to look interesting, her ex-fiancee shows up.  Who will win her heart?  

This is a Christian romance and besides meaning we don't get any steamy scenes, it also means we listen to Steph saying she wants to follow God's way, and we know that she attends church with her roommates, but I wouldn't call it preachy.  It is also the story of Steph learning to set limits on other people, including her parents.  

All in all, it was kind of like a tea shop--not necessarily real substantial, but a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.  

First Wildcard will tour this book November 5.  Check back then to read the first chapter.  I'd like to thank the publisher for my complimentary review copy.  Grade:  B.

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