Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

I'd like to welcome you to Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival. What did you post about this week?  Create a post entitled "Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival and in it highlight your posts from this week.  Include a link to this post.  Then, sign Mr. Linky so we can all check it out.  Don't forget to visit other folks.  If you'd like a weekly reminder to post, join our yahoogroup. 

I had a cute Catholic kid helping me with a cookbook review.  I blogged about a Christmas novel and about a romance novel.   A few weeks ago I blogged about A Tremor of Bliss: Sex, Catholicism, and Rock 'n' Roll.  This week I have the first chapter, if you want to read part of it for yourself.

Thanks for joining us, and please visit the other bloggers on the list.  Everyone likes comments!


  1. Hi RAnn, thanks for hosting. That cook book is very tempting and the pictures are really tempting!

  2. Hi!! Thanks for hosting! This week I posted about Sabbath "mini-moments" and wrote a letter to Mary. God bless!

  3. The gay agenda in blocking legitimate business owners, the Romans and abortion, and a look at families/education/penmanship...all covered last week.

  4. Yet more Old Testament class content linked through 3 consecutive posts.

    I would blame no-one for skipping these monstrosities.

  5. Thanks once again for hosting RAnn.

    Those muffins look good! I think my husband would have a fit if I bought yet another cookbook, though! lol!

    Over at my place I have the usual plethora of posts:

  6. Hi RAnn,Thank you for hosting Sunday Snippets. I'm a bit out of practice after a long summer away but time to blog again is here. Glad you're all still at it.

  7. An even dozen so far...very interesting posts. Joann, Into Stillness, lovely blog header, so peaceful and great poem.
    Dymphna's Well..what a beautiful painting. I thought that angel was going to look up at me!
    Please visit my blog and e-protest a terrible blashemy in an art display...awful, awful, awful. Also, what an amazing discovery in the Cross In Our Bodies. Hope you all enjoy the post and visit me ofen. Take care, RAnn. God Bless you all. N

  8. my favorite post of mine last week was about Medjugorje - this "carnival" looks fun!


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