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Book Review: Marrying Daisy Bellamy

Marrying Daisy Bellamy (The Lakeshore Chronicles)

About the Book: Daisy Bellamy has struggled for years to choose between two men—one honorable and steady, one wild and untethered. And then, one fateful day, the decision is made for her.

Now busy with a thriving business on Willow Lake, Daisy knows she should be happy with the life she's chosen for herself and her son. But she still aches for the one thing she can't have.

Until the man once lost to her reappears, resurrected by a promise of love. And now the choice Daisy thought was behind her is the hardest one she'll ever face….

Spoiler below

I have mixed feelings about this book.  On the one hand it was a great read with very human characters who readers really got to know in a lot of ways.  They are characters who made mistakes in life but still managed to find their way.  It is a romance novel but there is more to the plot than there is to the average romance novel.  

Spoiler:  What I didn't like about the book was a divorce that happened not because two people hated each other, not because one had done something unforgeable, not because family was pulling them apart, not even because an old flame returned to her life; no a divorce happened to the parents of a young child because they just lacked that spark they thought they should feel.  Maybe I'm lucky, having such a wonderful husband and all that, but I think one thing wrong with our society today is that too many people are chasing the greater happiness they think they could have if they would only.....and not making themselves and their families happy where they are.

If such things are important to you, it is noted a couple of times that characters had sex, but it wasn't graphic.  
Grade:  B-

Thanks to the publisher for providing a review copy via NetGalley.

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