Saturday, January 22, 2011

Book Review: Veil of Fire

Veil of Fire: A Novel

I generally like Marlo Schalesky's books, and I did enjoy Veil of Fire, just not as much as I've enjoyed her other books.  The book begins with a fire that wipes out an entire town.  Many people are lost as well.  We then follow the town and its people as they recover from the fire.  We learn about the survivor's guilt, as well as the grit they have that allows them to start over.  We learn that not everyone is who he seems to be.  We learn that life was not perfect before the fire--or after.  

Part of the book is told in regular type, in the third person; part is told in the first person, in italics.  We don't find out who this person is until the end, though i had guessed it a bit earlier.  While writing like this can be hard to follow, the change in typeface helped.  Grade:  B

My friend Renee sent me this book and I wasn't obligated to write any review, much  less a positive one.

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