Thursday, January 13, 2011

Book Review: The Search

Search, The: A Novel (Lancaster County Secrets)

About the Book:
As a child caught up in a crisis, Lainey O'Toole made a split-second decision with far-reaching effects. Fifteen years later, when her car breaks down in Stoney Ridge--the very town in which that decision was made--she is forced to face the past and discover how her decision has impacted so many.

Bess Reihl is less than thrilled to be spending the summer at Rose Hill Farm helping her intimidating grandmother Bertha recover from surgery. It doesn't take long for Bess to realize that her grandmother coaxed her to Stoney Ridge for an entirely different reason. But once Bess meets hired hand Billy Lapp, the summer starts to hold some promise.

Lainey's and Bess's worlds are about to collide and the secrets that come to light will shock them both.

Beautifully written, The Search is a skillfully woven story that takes you through unexpected twists and turns on the long country road toward truth. Immerse yourself in this heartwarming--and surprising--tale of young love, forgiveness, and healing.

My Comments:
I read my first Amish novel, Plain Girl, about 40 years ago, and I've been fascinated by the Amish ever since.  A fellow blogger once wrote that when she saw a girl with a bonnet on the cover of a book, she ran in the opposite direction; me, I'd gotten to the point that I'd grab anything with an Amish girl on the cover, and over the last year or two I've read a lot of junk--badly written books that would never have caught my eye if they had been about normal Americans.  I've learned there are authors I have no desire to read again; fortunately Suzanne Woods Fisher is not one of them--in fact I'd say her books are some of the best written Amish fiction on the market today.  Her writing is good, her characters are real and her plots are interesting.  While this one involves a young woman choosing to be Amish and learning to live as they do, otherwise the main plot could involve any kind of family.  Grade:  B+

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My Reviews of Fischer's Books:

I'd like to thank the publisher for sending me a complimentary review copy of this book. I was not obligated to provide a positive review.


  1. Oh Ruth...your review just made me smile! Thanks so much for sharing your point of view--I really appreciate it. I'd love to have your review up on Amazon/CBD... if you have a moment to spare. Makes a difference to customers to hear your comments! Thank you for reading my book and sharing it with your readers! Warmly, Suzanne

  2. Recently, I read my first Amish story books, and loved them. The author is Beverly Lewis and I read her 3-book series, The Heritage of Lancaster County.

    When I decide to revisit the Amish stories, maybe I'll try Suzanne Fisher.


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