Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Children's Book: Sneaky Snake

Sneaky Snake

About the Book:
The goal when trying to teach children is to make it interesting and above all, lots of fun. From children to adults, having good friends is an important part of who we are. In the story of Sneaky Snake I used basic animals to teach children about the importance of friendship. My point is as simple as just being nice to others, is being a good friend.

My Comments:
My seven year old doesn't think it is fair that Mom gets all these books in the mail, and she doesn't, so when I'm offered a children's book that looks interesting, I usually grab it.  Sneaky Snake is the story of a snake who didn't like anyone and who would hiss whenever someone came close to his home in the rock.  We watch as Betsy Cow and Beagle Dog attempt to befriend Sneaky and are hissed away while Wise Owl observes from above.  Then Sneaky gets caught in a rock and calls for help, but no one is there to help him but Owl.  After Owl tells Sneaky that if he hadn't scared everyone away, someone could help him, Sneaky repents and then Owl saves him and Sneaky apologizes to all the animals and admits he needs friends too.

The pictures are pretty and the story has an important message of friendship.

Thanks to the author for providing a complimentary review copy.

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