Sunday, August 28, 2011

So What Is Christmas in September?

Photobucket If you've been reading my Monday Meme posts lately, you've noticed that I've mentioned various Christmas books that I've said will be reviewed as part of Christmas in September.  So what is Christmas in September?  It is a link-up that I'm hosting that will give us the opportunity to share or read reviews of Christmas books.  I'll put up the host post, along with and In-linkz gadget on September 1.  I ask that bloggers link up their reviews of Christmas-themed books, whether you reviewed them this year or in previous years.

There will be prizes.  Bloggers earn chances to win prizes by linking review posts.  Readers earn chances by leaving comments.  Hope everyone wants to participate!  Let's get a huge list of Christmas books so we can all take our picks.  To any publicists reading this, I'd love to offer your Christmas-themed books as prizes.  They can be either religious or secular, and Advent books count.  Of course, I'll plug your book in return for the prize.

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