Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Remember Me

Remember Me

About the Book:
Two best friends test the limits of loyalty in a stirring new novel of friendship, betrayal, and forgiveness. 

Mia and Danielle had vowed to stay best friends for life-until one indiscretion destroyed that bond forever. Twenty years later, tragedy reunites them in an unexpected way. Now they must confront the past, discover its untold truths, and rebuild a friendship destined to endure.

My Comments:
No, I haven't read it,and with a TBR stack as high as mine is, you'd think I could pass, but one of my favorite bloggers, Holly at Two Kids and Tired, is giving away a copy and I want to win.  She makes it sound like a terrific book, and when we read the same books, we generally agree about them.

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  1. I entered the giveaway as well so we really have twice the entries :)


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