Monday, April 30, 2012

Review: Trauma Plan

About the Book:
Sidelined by injuries from a vicious assault, chaplain Riley Hale is determined to return to her former duties as an ER nurse. But how can she show she’s competent when the hospital won’t let her attempt even simple tasks? Determined to prove herself, Riley volunteers at a controversial urban free clinic despite her fears about the maverick doctor in charge.

Dr. Jack Travis defends his clinic like he’s commander of the Alamo. He’ll fight the community’s efforts to shut its doors, even if he must use Riley Hale’s influential family name to make it happen.

As Riley strives to regain her skills, Jack finds that she shares his compassion—and stirs his lonely heart. Riley senses that beneath Jack’s rough exterior is a man she can believe in. But when clinic protests escalate and questions surface about his past, Jack goes into battle mode and Riley wonders if it’s dangerous to trust him with her heart.

My Comments:
This is another winner by Candace Calvert.  While perhaps a bit more religious than her previous books, the book is far more about human romance than Divine love.  Both Riley and Jack are called to re-examine the goals they have for themselves and how they fit into God's plan.  

On the romance side the book embodies what I like best about Christian romance--because the author cannot send the characters to bed to show how and why they are attracted to each other, she has to actually build a relationship between them, and, hopefully, make it sizzle.  Calvert succeeds.  

There is a character that seems to get a lot of space on the page for what she adds to the plot and then ends up leaving town.  My guess is that Calvert's next book is about her.  I look forward to reading it.  

I'd like to than the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.  I was not obligated to write a positive review.  Grade:  B+

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