Friday, April 20, 2012

Sunrise Point: My Review

About the Book:
Tom Cavanaugh may think he wants a traditional woman, but in Virgin River, the greatest tradition is falling in love unexpectedly... 
Former marine Tom Cavanaugh's come home to Virgin River, ready to take over his family's apple orchard and settle down. He knows just what the perfect woman will be like: sweet, decent, maybe a little naive. The marrying kind.  

Nothing like Nora Crane. So why can't he keep his eyes off the striking single mother? 

Nora may not have finished college, but she graduated with honors from the school of hard knocks. She's been through tough times and she'll do whatever it takes to support her family, including helping with harvest time at the Cavanaughs' orchard. She's always kept a single-minded focus on staying afloat...but suddenly her thoughts keep drifting back to rugged, opinionated Tom Cavanaugh.

My Comments:
If you are familiar with the Virgin River books, you'll note that this one stays pretty close to the formula--ex-military guy meets and marries a pretty girl.  This was one of my favorites.  I enjoyed watching these two actually get to know each other before they ended up in bed, close to the end of the book.  Yes, there was attraction, but these two actually talked, and considered what they wanted in the future.  Comedic counterpoint was offered through the widow of Tom's military buddy.  At first you wanted to feel sorry for her, but by the time she leaves the scene I'm sure you'll be rejoicing along with Tom.  I loved Tom's grandmother and want to be just like her when I grow up.

Some of the Virgin River regulars make appearances but you don't need to have read the other books to enjoy this one.  There is also a character who seems to appear for no reason so I suspect we'll see him in an upcoming book.  

I'd like to thank the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.  I was not obligated to write a positive review (or any review).  Grade:  B.

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