Saturday, April 07, 2012

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

I'd like to welcome everyone to Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival. We are a group of Catholic bloggers who gather weekly to share our best posts with each other. To particpate, go to your blog and create an entry titled Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival. In it, highlight one or more of your posts from the past week that you believe would be of interest to Catholic bloggers---whether they are posts reflecting on spiritual matters or posts about antics of Catholic kids, or anything in between. Come back here and enter the URL of that post below. Finally, go visit other participants, and leave comments! 

If you want a weekly reminder to post, join our yahoogroup. I'm glad to have everyone here, and just want to remind you that posts linked below should contain a link back here.

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter.  One book review this week--The Wedding Dress. 

I'll leave you with photos of my youngest coloring eggs.  We used the ones we were saving the school fair.  When I broke them, I did it carefully, trying to preserve as much of the egg as possible.  After Easter, they'll go to school and someone with far more patience than I have will stuff them with confetti so the kids can break them over each other's heads.


  1. Happy Easter RAnn and All!

    Thank you RAnn for being our host.

    I really liked the sound of "The Wedding Dress."

    Blessed Easter everyone. God is smiling on His creation. Thank you Jesus!

  2. I didn't expect you to host this week. Glad I checked! Happy Easter to you and all yours.

  3. Thanks so much for hosting, RAnn.
    This week, I've blogged mostly about my Rosary Art Collection.
    I also reposted the Novena for a reversal of the HHS mandate, posted the homily by Fr. Mark that I promised last week, blogged about Thomas Kinkade,
    and, of course, shared my weekly book list.
    A blessed Easter!

  4. So did you blow out the eggs? I didn't manage to take any photos of the Small Man coloring eggs, but he had a blast. Ours were hard-boiled, so lots of egg salad for lunch next week :)

    1. No, I don't blow them--they need a bigger hole than that anyway. You are supposed to have 3/4 of the egg intact. I usually try to break off the rounded tip of the small end of the egg. After three years, I'm getting pretty good at it.

      No one here really likes hard boiled eggs and since I had those shells here anyway, it seemed like a sensible thing to do.

  5. How fun! We did some egg blowing with a GF of mine -- my kids LOVED it! Since I'm working all of Easter weekend, my husband is at home coloring eggs with the children. I'm hoping he gets pictures -- but that's hard to do with three small ones!

  6. Happy Easter, RAnn and everyone!

  7. TV for Catholics posted "Biblical themes on television of the week." Game of Thrones is the feature of the past week.

    Thanks for reading!

  8. Happy Easter, RAnn and everyone!

  9. RAnn, thanks for faithfully hosting each week.


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