Monday, August 05, 2013

Kindle Freebie Review: The Outer Edge of Heaven

About the Book:
Montana truly is heavenly. Especially those handsome cowboys.
Her parents want a clout wielding attorney. She just wants to teach kindergarten. When her “all-powerful” parents actually choose her future husband, -a divorce lawyer named Elroy, Charlie opts out and heads for Big Sky Country to work on a sprawling ranch in the heart of the Montana Rockies. Filled with colorful characters of all kinds, a horse of her own, and one extremely attractive rancher, it makes for a summer never to be forgotten. Once again, Jaclyn M. Hawkes spins a tale filled with a deft mix of humor, romance, and tension that will leave you wishing that she’d kept on writing.

My Comments:
Like many Kindle freebies this one has editing issues, however, it still manages to be an entertaining read.  I liked Charlie and Luke, though I found her relationship with her parents to be somewhat bizarre.  There are two male characters who are not good but I really thought Chase was going to end up as more of a bad guy than he did.  

Luke's dad has three sets of kids.  Chase and Luke are adults and their mom died when they were young.  They have a teenaged brother whose mom left him and their dad and they have three young siblings whose mom is a flight attendant who regularly cheats on their dad.  It is said that he doesn't divorce her because he doesn't want the kids to think that commitments can just be ended and also because if they divorced, he would have to give their mother at least partial custody and this way he knows the kids are cared for.  I can sort of see the logic, but...

The main characters are members of the LDS church and there are references to LDS customs.  For example, Luke and Fo ask other characters who have problems if they would like a blessing.  This is evidently more than just praying for someone.  It is mentioned that their church prefers that women be stay at home moms and there is a mild swipe against daycare.  That being said, it wasn't a preachy book or one that encouraged anyone to become Mormon.  Grade:  B-

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  1. Goes to show that everyone has a little scandal in their lives - including the Mormons. :)


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