Thursday, August 08, 2013

Seven Quick Takes--End of Summer Version

End of Summer?  Yup, the youngest goes back to school Wednesday, and her school is among the last around to start.  The pool is going to weekend-only hours, homework is starting, and who cares if it is hot as blazes outside, summer is over.
With the start of school comes the start of a new Girl Scout year.  I'm not going to lead my  youngest's troop this year.  Her group is bridging to Girl Scout Juniors and the Junior leader has been leading that troop for a long time and likes it.  Also, I think my daughter would do better without me around so much.  I'm thinking about starting another Brownie troop, to meet at the same time in a different room.  I like that age group and I've got all the stuff; the question is whether I'd get the girls.  I had  a couple of girls a year younger than mine but they dropped out.  I don't know how many girls from the next grade down might be interested.  We'll see.
My middle child heads off to Northwestern Louisiana State University in two more weeks--Fork 'em Demons! Last weekend we bought her bedding and towels.  Why do dorm rooms have extra-long twin beds?  All that money for bedding that will never fit a non-dorm bed, and despite the fact that the "dorms" are apartments in which the kids have their own bedrooms, most of them move off-campus after their Freshman year.
I'm on my parish school board.  Anyone else do that?  What does your board do? Our archdiocese is revamping school boards but I'm going to miss the big workshop about it since it is the same day as we are taking my daughter to school.
My girls are eight years apart.  When I had the baby I moved the crib into her sister's room,along with a chest of drawers.  The other baby paraphernalia, and later, the toys, went in the living room.  Basically, for nine  years the "baby" has slept in her sister's room.  Once her sister is gone, we are going to re-paint (pink) and all the toys are leaving my living room!  When Ms.Demon comes  home, she can sleep in her sister's room.
Have I ever told you how much I despise homework?  I do; I always have and I guess I always will.  It's not so bad when they can do it independently, but I'd rather bond over something other than spelling words and multiplication tables, especially after a long day at work.
Something is as much fun as homework is summer math sheets and summer reading/book reports.  I like to read; I like to take my kids to the library.  I don't like summer school work.
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  1. So happy regarding #5.
    I was very fortunate my kids were independent with homework the few years they went to school.
    Summer work is ridiculous imo

  2. All of my friends who still have kids in school hate homework. When my kids were in school it was not the issue it is today. I think most simply have way too much homework.

  3. XL twin beds are the stupidest thing... I certainly never noticed the extra length, but I DID continue using the same old sheets on a regular twin bed, I just tucked them a little more!


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