Friday, August 30, 2013

Kindle Freebie: Unwilling Wife

About the Book:
Their war of wills was on!

Gina had been young, in awe of the older man who swept her off her feet, lifting her into a bright world of new experiences. But after ten years of marriage, she found herself fearful of totally disappearing, becoming nothing more than an extension of her husband, her every opinion, every idea, dismissed—all, of course, for her own good. Panic-stricken, Gina ran three thousand miles away, determined to become a whole, fully functional human being in her own right.

David would have none of it, as resolute to win her back as she was to shed his controlling influence. What a shame their sex life held explosive passions so thrilling Gina feared his soft seductions might weaken her resolve. David counted on it. 

My Comments:
While a bit on the steamy side, this book raised some interesting questions about marriage.  Gina is feeling smothered by her husband who clearly is the dominant person in their marriage.  She asked for red plaid luggage and he got her brown leather--more practical, more appropriate.  She wants chocolate; he buys her roses.  He is into eating healthy; she wants chocolate.  When he won't listen to her, she basically runs away from home and then files for divorce.  It is not that she hates him; rather she just wants an opportunity to be someone other than his other half.  He follows her across the country to try to woo her back, but won't leave her alone.  Where does wooing stop and stalking begin?  One of the places he tries to woo her is in bed; is that a good idea?  If the main place a couple is happy together is in bed, does that mean they should split?  

The book is a little different than your average romance novel and while I found some of the scenes improbable, it was an enjoyable read.  Grade:  B.  

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