Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Review: A Proposal for Christmas

About the Book:
New York Times bestselling authors Linda Lael Miller and Lindsay McKenna present two enthralling stories about the redemptive power of the holiday season  


Linda Lael Miller 

Secret Service agent David Goddard never expected to spend his Christmas surveilling the president's cousin. But after weeks of studying her, he finds that Holly Llewellyn's life continues to remain a mystery. Tangled in the controversy swirling around them, David wonders, is it her secrets that fascinate him…or Holly herself? 


Lindsay McKenna 

Morgan Trayhern's toughest mercenary, Colt Hamlin, is looking to lie low this Christmas, but he may just have a change of heart when his matchmaking boss puts him in the path of Montana's prettiest widow.

My Comments:
Both these stories are oldies that have been recycled for this collection.  If you don't think life has changed much recently, think about the last time  you followed a phone cord to find the phone in a messy room.   Of the two, I preferred The Five Days of Christmas.  I could at least figure out what those two saw in each other.  In State Secrets I saw plenty of lust, but most of the love was between the adults and the kids.  

If you like sweet but hot romances, you'll probably like these, but they aren't anything that anyone who isn't a romance junkie will care to read.  Grade:  C+

I'd like to thank the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.

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  1. Hi RAnn,

    NO! It is not allowed ... It's only September and far, far too early to be thinking about anything with Christmas in the title, despite the fact that the Christmas cards go on sale where I work, next Monday!

    I don't mind reading books which show their age in their choreography. I recently read a story about a Private Investigator, which was written way back in 2006 and it was quite interesting to be able to reminisce about how a case would have been investigated back then, as oppose to modern day techniques.

    I don't read this kind of romance generally, unless requested to do so by the author or publisher, however it is nice sometimes to be able to lose myself in a book that I don't really need to think to much about.

    I don't think this one will be heading to my reading list anytime soon though!

    Thanks for an honest and candid review,



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