Sunday, July 05, 2015

July Blogging Challange: July 5: Home: My Bathrooms Before

Today's topic is "Home" so I'm going to show you some almost before and before pictures of the bathrooms we are having renovated this month.  The first set is "almost before" because I didn't think to take pictures before we pulled down the wallpaper border. 

Ok the shower curtain looks kind of pathetic, but I was using the water in the tub and didn't fix it when I was done.  Unfortunately, if you move this curtain, the way the rings are made, you almost always knock one or two off the bar.  The curtain coordinated nicely with the now-gone border.

This tile and the associated grout will soon be history!  I had some taken out many years ago to fix something and even paid someone to put it back, but it never fit right and usually has black gunk on it.  Bye-Bye!

I don't know what the person who selected these tiles was thinking.  White four inch tiles with white grout.  If I want the bathroom floor REALLY clean I can dedicate all Saturday morning to scrubbing grout lines--or I can learn to live with grimy.  The floor is hard, and cold under my feet.  The new floor is vinyl (much warmer) and does not have grout lines.  

The vanity isn't that bad, except that we've tried several times to fix that door, with no success.  The new one will the cherry, to match my bedroom furniture.  

The whole room, preserved for posterity
This is the hall bath. I loved that wallpaper when I put it up nineteen years ago. I guess it has done its job. The kids broke the towel bar a couple of years ago. (that green thing sticking out on the wall)

I bought the wallpaper to go with the shower curtain, for which I remember paying way too much--but since it has lasted almost twenty years, I 'll say I got my money's worth.

The only thing worse that 4 inch square tiles is 1X2 rectangular tiles.  We live with grimy grout because I don't have to think real hard before coming up with a better way to spend Saturday than scrubbing grout lines.  

Had to fool with plumbing behind the tile. Broke a couple, so I thought I'd do something cute.  I had planned to pull down the row next to the corner to make a square but I had so much fun putting these in that I just pulled the shower curtain and called it good.  

Of course the reason I tried the trick with pink was because I couldn't get green to match what was there.  When my daughter thought the soap dish was a grab bar, and pulled it down for the third time, I replaced it with green tiles that were almost the same.

A view of the vanity area.  The new vanity is white, with a dark granite top.  The floors will be a reddish vinyl.  

Twenty years ago those angel pictures were all the rage.  I had another one that has fallen to the ravages of children  and I guess these can hit the trash.   

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  1. Have fun with the renovations! I had to LOL at the angel pictures - I remember how popular those were, especially in powder rooms! ;-) Enjoyed seeing a little of your home in the Blogging Challenge.


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