Friday, July 10, 2015

July Blogging Challenge: July 10: Travel

If I had to describe on thing that would be different about my life if I ever got rich, it would be that I would travel.  I like to go, I like to see new things and go new places.  I have to say though, that even though I'm not rich (well, not as rich as I dream I could be, but very rich in good health and the love of a terrific family), I have gotten to see quite a few places in the last few years.

Last summer my youngest daugher and I went on a Girl Scout trip to Savannah, Georgia.

As soon as we got back, the family packed up and headed out to pay homage to the Mouse.

In 2013 we went to Gulf Shores, Alabama, and that is where we are planning to go this year.  The only problem is that the place we stay does not have internet access. I guess we will survive.

Our 2012 vacation was a cruise and you can read my review here.  I also wrote several other posts about this trip, so feel free to search my archives.  2012 was also the year I spent a month in Kentucky on business.  I got a little time to play and enjoyed exploring that beautiful state.

I went to New York City with my older daughter's Girl Scout troop in the summer of 2011.  Our family went to Mississippi that summer.a

2010 was a trip to St. Louis.  You can read about it here.

My goal for the first year we are retired is to do one of those "It's Tuesday, it must be Rome" type trips to Europe.  My husband wants to explore the American West.  I've never spent much time on the east coast.  So many places to go; so little time and money.

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