Thursday, July 09, 2015

July Blogging Challenge: July 9: Art

I'm afraid that art is out of my realm of expertise.  The closest I come is craft projects for my Girl Scouts and frankly that is the part of being a leader that I like the least.  Unfortunately, kindergarten and first grade girls have the attention spans the size of fleas unless they are doing something and it is exceedingly difficult to fill that hour with activity unless part of includes a craft or art project.  Anything involving paint is a big hit, and they really like gluing foamies to things.  Some leader bought (or was given) these frames and tiles years ago; I put them together. The girls loved them.  Mission accomplished. 

This post is written to be a part of the July Blogging Challenge.  To participate, link up at This Day Has Great Potential.  Here are the topics:

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