Sunday, March 07, 2021

Monday Memes

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I'm so happy to see the Covid-19 numbers headed downward.  We have fewer people hospitalized with it now than we have since it started--and it really started here about this time last year.  I got my shot a week ago and from what I've read it (the Moderna vaccine) is about 90% effective two weeks after the first shot, so I don't have to worry too much next weekend when I'm sitting  a classroom taking the Louisiana Notary Exam--except about the exam which is a real bear--about a 25% pass rate.  

This weekend was about studying, blogging, getting ready for a Girl Scout meeting and doing my taxes.  I did get to have a nice long chat with a friend--and she and her husband have both been vaccinated so it won't be long and we can have a social life again!

New Books

I got some new NetGalleys:

I finished this one--a light enjoyable read but nothing exceptional.  It shares a setting with the Carolina Sisters books, and the sisters make guest appearances.

On the Blog

I have several need posts:

My Plans:

I may or may not get much reading done this week as I've got a pretty full schedule; however several posts will publish, which I can tell you about next week.  Have a great week, stay healthy and if you are eligible for a vaccine, get one please.


  1. That is such good news about the cases! It's so good to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel! And congrats on getting your shot too. I'm trying to talk my mom into it- she's resisting having heard bad things about the vaccines. She's high risk so I hope she changes her mind.

    Good luck with th exam!!!

  2. Our numbers (hospitalizations and ICU patients) are way down in WI. It's encouraging for sure. Vaccine won't be available to my age group for a while. They are still at 70+ and essential workers.

  3. Good luck with the exam!

  4. I keep seeing The Path to Sunshine Cove everywhere - it seems like a feel-good book that I would really enjoy! The rest are new to me, but look like great choices :)
    Good luck with your exam!

  5. Great looking books! I enjoy RaeAnne Thayne. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  6. That sounds like a tough exam, good luck with it!
    Glad to learn the vaccine program is effective

    Wishing you a great reading week

  7. Good luck with the exam. I've had my first Moderna shot but am still staying home as much as possible. I do have an appointment for my taxes later today. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  8. I am on the blog tour for the Emma Davies book but not started it yet.

  9. I'm glad you were able to get your first shot. As I said in my post, I'm still waiting. I am suffering from some pretty hefty vaccine-envy!

  10. That’s great news about getting your shot, my parents and in-laws have had their first shots plus my husband has Ms so he was able to get his too. It’s a relief to know there could be a kind of end in sight.

  11. Your books look so good, especially the Annie Rains book. Great that you were able to get your shot. I hope you have a great week.

  12. So many pretty covers. We are several weeks beyond our shots and I see the hope of more outings soon.
    Our Florida Notary training and exam can be done online. I am surprised your state's exam sounds so hard. Good luck preparing and taking the exam.
    I hope you get to slip in some fun reading too. Have a good week.

  13. Good luck with your exam this weekend! I also got my first does this week (Moderna)... so happy about that.


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