Sunday, March 28, 2021

Review: Two Week Wait


About the Book:

For the last two decades, Jane has been trying for a baby. She knows all about surviving the agonising two-week wait between ovulation and test. Increasingly desperate, Jane opens her laptop, clicks, ‘TWW Forum: New Thread’, and types. ‘Anyone else starting their two-week wait? Shall we wait it out together?’

Four women respond to Jane’s message online; all strangers, all embarking on the same emotional two-week journey. All wanting just one thing. A baby.

This fast-paced, light-hearted read explores the heartache of infertility through the bittersweet stories of five women;

Mandi is young and eager. She needs all the help she can get.

Becks already has one child and is stuck in the hellish limbo of secondary infertility.

Instagram sensation, Star, is living and selling a false dream, online and off.

Finally, feisty Fern is scheduling a pregnancy in between film shoots
Five women, five stories, waiting to find out if it’s their turn for a baby. Love, heartache, shattered dreams and broken relationships. The two-week wait pushes them all to their limits.

My Comments:

This wasn't the book for me.  I knew I was older and at a different stage in life than these women, and luckily infertility was not the cross I was chosen to carry, when I chose to read this book.  I liked the premise of an online support group as I have (and do) belong to some, but I never really warmed up to any of the women and in the end, well, I hated the ending.

Chapters are dated throughout the 14 days between ovulation and pregnancy test.  Each chapter contains the messages on the forum, which are full of internet forum lingo (DH, TWW, etc) and then the story of what is happening in the characters' lives. 

As I said, I hated the ending.  Toward the end, one of the women tells the others she is pregnant--and we know who she is.  The others have all gotten negative tests and say their goodbyes--maybe they'll get together again in two weeks to start another TWW.    Then one posts to the forum that she too has a positive test--but no one responds and we don't know who it is.  Nope.  Not the way I like a book to end.  If you are going to get me invested in characters, tell me what happened to them.  

I'd like to thank the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.  Grade: C 

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