Monday, June 21, 2021

Its Monday, What Are You Reading


I'm linking up with Kathryn and the gang over at Book Date. where we share what we've been reading and talk about life in general.

Not much excitement here.  My older daughter came over for Father's Day, but it was pretty low key.  My husband recently got on Medicare and his plan includes Silver Sneakers that lets him use local fitness facilities for free.  The YMCA is on the list and if he goes on Sundays he can bring a guest at no cost.  We used to take the kids there to swim when they were little, seems odd to be there without them, but I guess that's what being an (almost) empty nester is all about.  He's been joining me at my gym, that he never wanted to pay to join, too.  

The library has been my source of reading material lately.  We got several guidebooks for Europe/Italy.  That's the plan for next summer.  I also read

The book features four women at different stages in life, all of whom are undergoing big changes.  Definitely recommend. Grade: B+

Her husband disappears and his last message to her is to  protect his daughter.  Thrillers and mysteries are not my usual but I saw several good reviews so I have this a whirl.  The reason he went missing was pretty much what I figured it would be.  Her solution--the way she protected the daughter, ingenious but I find it hard to believe she thought of it in the situation she was in.  Still, not a bad read.  Grade: B. 

No reviews this week--have to get to work on that.  Have a great week. 

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  1. I have the first one to read and the second one is on its way to me!! What a wonderful idea for the fitness for seniors. The Italy trip is something to look forward to. Planning is part of the joy. Happy reading this week.


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