Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Catholic Carnival 191: The Word of God in the Life and Misson of the Church

One of the hats I wear is as a parish catechist. This Sunday was Catechetical Sunday and the theme chosen by the bishops this year is "The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church". As members of the Church, how is the Word of God working in our lives?

Ebeth, who has been our hostess several times lately looks at politics. She isn't interested in whether people are Republicans or Democrats but does care if God's word is reflected in their lives and votes.

It is amazing how sometimes the mass readings are just what we need to hear at that time. Lionel writes about how that happened to him after the death of a woman he had been visiting.

Those noted for their adherance to the Word of God in their lives are called saints once they go to the Lord. Jean writes about St. Joseph Cupertino who is one of her favorite saints -- due to his humility and simplicity, and his deep love for God. While others rejected him and considered him stupid, useless, and clumsy, he possessed great spiritual gifts which he used for God. Included in the post are two You Tube videos -- one highlights his life and the other is a clip from the 1962 movie -- "A Reluctant Saint".

Most of us need to be taught how to live as God's Word would have us, and sometimes it is easier for teens and young adults to accept such teaching from someone other than parents. Grandparents can have the right combination of love and distance and Eleana talks about the blessing her grandparents were to her, and the blessing her mother is to her children.

We all know Scripture calls on us to love our neighbor. David reflects on this and concludes that every human exists as a reflection of God.

The main place most of us hear the Word of God proclaimed is at mass. Bob reflects on the mass readings and their call for repentance. Kevin's thoughts on the same readings are here.

Scripture warns us about getting too attached to material possessions, and there is nothing quite like a hurricane to make you realize how hard that teaching really is. The Catholic Spitfire Grill author lives near where Ike hit and humorously reflects on the experience. May Our Lady of Prompt Succor, patroness of New Orleans, protect you from all loss of life and property this and every hurricane season.

The primary catechists, the ones given sacramental grace to pass the Word on to their children are parents. Kate shares her first picture of her little one.

Throughout the ages art has been used to spread the Word. Tim decries liberalism and its making a hostage of art.

Denise is one of my favorite bloggers. This week she writes about pre-natal diagnosis and its all to frequent bedfellow--abortion. It is amazing how many people see something so evil as good.

Much of scripture talks about faith, and in this post faith and reason are examined from a Catholic perspective.

The Bible begins with the creation story and we learn that God created us male and female. A male, Shawn, posts about womanhood and femininity, particularly as written about by Pope John Paul II and by Alice von Hildrebrand.

We often think that what we need to really "get into" scripture is time away, a retreat where that is all we have to do. Reality is that many of us either can't or won't go away for a retreat. Sarah found, and is posting about, an on-line 34 week retreat that you make in your own home on your own time. Excuse time is over.

Sometimes I wonder how much of the meaning of scripture I miss because I'm not familiar with the times. I don't pick up the puns, the word play, the inside joke. If Scripture was being written today, it might be something like what Paul shows on this post titled "Colbert Guide for Catholics--A Guide to a Satirical Apostle.

Richard talks about priests being presumed guilty. While the Bible says what happens to those who lead the little ones away from Him, it also cautions us against judgment and this post is a good reminder.

One man known in our time for allowing the Word of God to rule is life was Pope John Paul II. A new biography of him was published this month and I reviewed it here. I also have a post showing the first chapter of the book if you want to take a peek.

I've enjoyed being your hostess this week and hope you enjoy the posts as much as I did. If I missed yours, please submit again next week. God Bless you all!


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    Catholic Guide to Talk Like A Pirate Day

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