Sunday, September 21, 2008

Once More, with Feeling

Once More With Feeling Once More With Feeling by Emilie Richards

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rating: 3 of 5 stars
The two main characters of this book are Gypsy, who is a TV tabliod news anchor and Elisabeth, a NY City blueblood who has spent her 50 odd years making nice, being a hostess, raising her son and in short, giving up all her desires for her family. The two women "meet" when they are in an auto accident in which they are both seriously injured. They meet as they are traveling toward "the light". Eventually, Elizabeth returns to earth---but in Gypsy's body, not hers. Everyone thinks she is Gypsy, and Elizabeth's body is still alive, down the hall, but she is in a coma. Gypsy's body recovers, and Elizabeth goes to Gyspy's life in it; Elizabeth's body goes to a nursing home. Since one of the denied dreams of Elizabeth was journalism, she takes to Gypsy's life with gusto, but still longs for parts of hers. The book calls for a certain suspension of disbelief, but once accomplished it leads you to ponder "What if" with regard to supressed goals. It was a light easy read, with romance, but definitely not formula fiction.

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