Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Passion Redeemed Review

A couple of months ago I read and reviewed A Passion Most Pure. This is the next book in the series and it focuses on the sister who was the bad one in the earlier book. In this book we find out why she behaves the way she does and she learns that God's way is the way to happiness and sinful sexual behavior leads to heartbreak and pain. I enjoyed the book but it seemed a little long--though I can't think right off hand of any particular thing that should have been cut.

The family about whom the book is written is Irish and in A Passion Most Pure it was clear they were Catholic--they went to mass, Mom said the rosary, reference was made to the saints--but all that was missing from this book. A couple of references were made to going to church--but it didn't say "mass". When Charity (the daughter about whom this book is written) told her parents she married a man on a ship between Ireland and the US, she said that there was a priest on board who married them, but that was about as "Catholic" as any religion in this book got. Charity's conversion comes through studing the Bible with the same man who converted her sister's husband. Studying the Bible with another person is just not a Catholic approach to faith and conversion. However, it isn't AGAINST the Catholic faith to do so. While my review of A Passion Most Pure noted quite a few things that just wouldn't have happened (or at least would be most unlikely) in a Catholic family of that era, I didn't find so much of that in this book, perhaps because there was no effort to show the family as Catholic. However, presuming these people were still Catholic, the book ended with two characters planning mortal sin.

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