Monday, September 29, 2008


One advantage of having a wide gap in ages between your kids is that you get to do everything over again. My big ones are too big for so many of the things I used to enjoy doing with them; but I get to do it all over with the little one. Here in New Orleans we are blessed with a special part of City Park called Storyland. Basically it is a playground based on the theme of children's stories. There are things to climb, to go into, to slide on and to drive. You can dance with the tree little pigs, and run away from the big bad wolf (or tweak his nose). Oh, and remember those big tall steep slides they used to have when we were kids? Well, there is one in storyland, dressed up like a dragon. It has been made a bit safter over the years, but the kids are clearly startled (and then thrilled) by the speed at which they descend. We had a good time!

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  1. Loved the whale picture (and the water pictures show sheer delight)


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