Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Little Girl: A Review

My Little Girl My Little Girl by Tim McGraw

My review

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If you were ever "Daddy's Little Girl" this book will make you smile. Katie and her Daddy spend the day together doing such exciting things as going to coop, where besides feed and seed, they sell baby rabbits and ducks. They lay on the grass and look at the clouds. They dance. They swing. They talk about the beautiful girl that Daddy met (Mommy). The book ends with Katie concluding it was the best day ever because she got to spend it with Daddy.

The pictures are pretty, they appear to be pencil drawings that are colored with water colors. Lots of pink and purple are used. Daddy wears blue jeans and a cowboy hat; Katie wears a fluffy pink skirt, brown boots, pink tights with hearts on them and beads around her neck.

In a day when Dads are often absent from their kids' lives, this book is a charming reminder that the most important human man in any girl's life should be her Dad. It is from Dad that girls learn to relate to men and value them. I was lucky enough to be my daddy's little girl. Katie is obviously the apple of her Dad's eye. Were you?

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