Friday, December 26, 2008

Someday Soon

The library has gotten to be a favorite place to take my little one. It is close to home, has a nice collection of toys, and she is likely to find someone her age with whom to play. When we go, I get very little time in which to select my books before heading to the children's room, so I generally head for familiar authors and grab quick easy reads, since I need to keep at least a general eye on her.

Last time we were there I grabbed Debbie Macomber's Someday Soon. It is the story of two mercenaries who fall in love (each with a different woman). It is the story of someone who has never considered herselft to be attractive (and who may not be in a conventional way) becoming very attractive to a man. It is the story of men moving from lust to love. It wasn't quite as "fluffy" as some of her books, but in the end, all was well.

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