Saturday, December 13, 2008

Faith n Fiction Saturday

Amy posted this Faith n Fiction Saturday question:

It's Christmas time and one of my favorite things to do is read Christmas themed books. Do you enjoy reading holiday themed books? Do you have any special book you read every year? Do you have a special devotional you like to use? (not fiction..I know!) Have you read any good Christmas books this year?

Well, right now I'm living in between the secular season of Christmas and the Catholic season of Advent. I have an Advent book Advent And Christmas Wisdom From Henri J.m. Nouwen: Daily Scripture And Prayers Together With Nouwen's Own Words by Henri J.M. Nouwen that isn't getting the workout it should. I got a Christmas devotional book that was nice too.

I've read some "holiday" or Christmas books, but I tend to read them when they cross my path; not just in December or January. Lately, I've read Shepards Abiding, which is part of the Mitford series. It wasn't bad, but was a weak sister in the series I also read Esther's Gift in the same series. That one was a total waste of time At the library the other week, I picked up Snow Brides by Debbie Macomber. It ends on Christmas.

I have a couple of Christmas books on their way from First Wildcard; hopefully I'll have time to read them before Christmas.

Stop by Amy's Blog and let's talk about Christmas books!


  1. I've developed the Christmas read habit this year. I wish you plenty of reading time for Christmas reads.

  2. I've never had a Christmas book that I read each year, but probably will start doing that next year as I've read some great ones this year!

    Here's my answer!

    :) Wendi

  3. Have you read Debbie Macomber's books that feature angels Surely, Goodness and Mercy? I enjoyed them.

  4. Have fun reading those books you are getting. My answer is here.

    Christamas Themed Books

  5. I wouldnt mind reading more as long as they arent cheesy. Cant handle cheesy Christmas stories!

  6. I don't specifically look for or read Christmas themed books. Right now my reading has decreased since I'm running children more... I was able to finish a book this past week thanks to orthodontist and doc appts

  7. I'm in the middle of Finding Father Christmas...first ever Christmas read for me!

  8. Anonymous3:11 PM

    I hadn't heard of any of your titles except Shepherds Abiding.

  9. Oh, about Taking it Deeper Tuesday, a think you might try is on Tuesday morning, post a comment on the blogs of those who commented on the book you'll be talking about. That way, you can invite those who read it. What do you think?

  10. I have wanted to read an advent book but have not gotten around to it yet.


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