Sunday, September 25, 2011

Christmas In September: 1225 Christmas Tree Lane: My Review

1225 Christmas Tree Lane (Cedar Cove)

About the Book:
The people of Cedar Cove know how to celebrate Christmas. Like Grace and Olivia and everyone else, Beth Morehouse expects this Christmas to be one of her best. Her small Christmas-tree farm is prospering, her daughters and her dogs are happy and well, and her new relationship with local vet Ted Reynolds is showing plenty of romantic promise.

But...someone recently left a basket filled with puppies on her doorstep, puppies she’s determined to place in good homes. That’s complication number one. And number two is that her daughters Bailey and Sophie have invited their dad, Beth’s ex-husband, Kent, to  Cedar  Cove for  Christmas. 

The girls  have  visions  of  a  mom-and-dad reunion dancing in their heads. As always in life — and in Cedar Cove — there are surprises, too. More than one family’s going to have a puppy under the tree. More than one scheme will go awry. And more than one romance will have a happy ending!

What would the holidays be without a new Christmas story from Debbie Macomber?

My Comments:
I've been known to say that I like happy endings tied up in a bow.  In this case, Debbie Macomber gives me a big bow.  This is the final book in her long-running series about the residents of Cedar Cove and she begins the book with a letter to her readers, telling them that various couples who met throughout the course of these books do indeed live happily ever after.  Other couples get their happily ever after during the course of this book.  If you have a favorite Cedar Cove resident, I'm sure you'll enjoy the resolution to his or her story.  If you are looking for a fluffy-as-snow Christmas read, this will charm you, though if you haven't followed the series you many wonder why all these characters make appearances.  If such things are important to you, it is squeaky clean.  

At 288 pages, it is shorter than most of the Cedar Cove books, but delivers love for Christmas for more than one Cedar Cove resident.  Grade:  B.

I'd like thank the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.  I was not  obligated to provide a positive review.  


  1. That is a long running series! Wow it was years ago I read the first three I think before I just got tired of waiting for the next one.. and remembering who was who....

  2. I'm caught up in the series and look forward to reading this - although I'm a bit sad it's the last.


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