Saturday, September 17, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

    I enjoyed the Lifeteen adult retreat last weekend.  You know how sometimes you just know God meant you to be somewhere?  Well, that's where He wanted me last weekend.  Some of what I heard smarted a bit, but when I left I was walking on air.
      monstrance with seals, showing Jesus
    Brownies today was fun.  I've lead my youngest daughter's troop through two years of Daisys and am so glad they've grown out of that.  I really like kids this age (seven and eight) better than the little ones and the Brownie program is head and shoulders above the Daisy program.

      I get to spend Saturday morning working the parade of prizes booth at my parish's craft fair.  My teen daughter gets to work with me, since she needs confirmation service hours.

      Wednesday night the school counselor met with the parents of juniors and the juniors too, and gave them a to-do list as far as looking for colleges.  I told my daughter I'd take her and friends college-looking if they wanted to go.  Hopefully she'll find something she'll like as much as I ended up liking my Alma Mater, Mississippi University for Women.
        Tuesday night our Girl Scout service unit had a skating party.  I took the seven year old, and decided to give skating a try.  The last time I tried, I was thirty pounds heavier, and the skates hurt my ankles.  This week they didn't and I had a great time.  As we were leaving, someone told me how good I look.

        Lots of book reviews published this week, because I read the books a long time ago.  Only one book so far this week, and the review is up.  It is about a group of friends and their lives before and after WWII.
          Sunday my older daughter and I am going to see the traveling Broadway production of The Addaams Family.  We both loved seeing Mary Poppins in New York this summer, so decided that we'd see at least some of the shows that come to town. My husband doesn't really care for them, and they cost a lot of money for someone who is just going along to get along, so we've never gone together.  I've gone to a few with girlfriends over the years but it's nice to have something I can enjoy doing with my teen daughter.  My other two kids have always been MINE, not their dad's or their peers', but my teen daughter has always been closer to her dad and her peers than to me.

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            1. Life Teen is a wonderful program. I loved it when I was a youth minister as did the core team and the youth!


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