Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

I'd like to welcome everyone to Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival.  We are a group of Catholic bloggers who gather weekly to share our best posts with each other.  To particpate, go to your blog and create an entry titled Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival.  In it, highlight one or more of your posts from the past week that you believe would be of interest to Catholic bloggers---whether they are posts reflecting on spiritual matters or posts about antics of Catholic kids, or anything in between.  Come back here and enter the URL of that post below.  Finally, go visit other participants, and leave comments!  If you want a weekly reminder to post, join our yahoogroup.

I've been a busy blogger this week.  I wrote about this Sunday's readings.  I made cookies.    Seven Quick Takes is popular with Catholic bloggers, so I gave it a try.  What do you tell your kids when they ask if Santa is real?  This book has a great answer.  Finally, I reviewed Fr. Barron's new book:  Catholicism:  A Journey to the Heart of the Faith, which I highly recommend.  There are a couple of other book reviews here to if you want to poke around.

I again encourage you to take a look at my Christmas in September page.  If you have reviewed any Christmas or Advent books in the past, or if you review any this month, please add them to the list.  You'll get a chance to win Kathleen Basi's Advent book among other prizes.  If you are looking for books to read, enter the contest as a reader.

Have a great week!


  1. RAnn, thanks for hosting! No linky here so couldnt leave my link. I posted about loving our neighbor, going back to work and I did a review! It is on a CD about simplifying our lives! God bless!

  2. Thanks for hosting, Ruth! I have some various miscellaneous posts, as usual, to share. :)

  3. Hi RAnn, thanks for hosting.
    I can't see the function to add my link though... it is on my blog as usual, an extra reflection on my vocation and also a Gospel reflection.

  4. Thanks for hosting again.
    My link is here.
    Btw, those cookies look delicious!

  5. Thanks for hosting, RAnn. Your post re: 9/11 is very thought-provoking. The Church has such Spirit-inspired wisdom to teach us.

    This week we talked about a post by Simcha Fisher on Thomas Kinkade (who I juxtaposed with Rembrandt), listened to a Gregorian chant Ave Maria and read some St. John of the Cross. We also watched a fascinating video about Moroccan tea culture and one about miraculous 9/11 survival.

  6. Thanks for hosting, as usual, RAnn! I have the usual mix of posts.

    Loved your "Quick Takes" post! I've seen a lot of bloggers participating in that link-up, but haven't done so myself yet.

  7. Kinda scary, I have another more-or-less book review, Deus ex Caelis.

    And a bit about why I'm a catechist: Motivation.

    And because it's the beginning of another catechetical year, a link to an old post about lesson-planning.

  8. Thanks once again for hosting, RAnn!
    This week, I have a memory from ten years ago, a post about Spiritual Communion, and, as always, my weekly book list.

  9. Sex-ed, the difference between education and training, rock 'n' roll, and lascivious behavior at high school pep rallies...all in this week's posts at Bedlam or Parnassus.

    As always, thanks, RAnn, for hosting!

  10. I really enjoyed your reflection on today's readings. It's a powerful reminder so I linked to it on my own reflection on this anniversary.

  11. I'm a big fan of Quick Takes --- plus Jen always makes me laugh.

    Loved your - books I've reviewed post -- I may have to check out the Liz Curtis Higgs Bad Girls. I'm disappointed that the Matthew Kelley book didn't measure up. He's an excellent speaker ... wish he would have done better with the book.


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