Monday, September 26, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Bloggers Who Follow Me

Kristi writes Books and Needlepoint.  She started blogging about books at about the same time I did but she's managed to amass a greater number of followers than what I have.  I enjoy her reviews, and she's usually got a giveaway or two.

Wendi writes a book and product review blog:  Wendi's Rainy Day Reads.

Elena was one of the first bloggers I read regularly.  She writes about her family, homeschooling and her faith at My Domestic Church.

Brian writes The Armchair Theologian.  Honestly, I don't recall ever seeing his blog before today, but I'll have to start reading it.

Heartfelt, Heartlook is a Catholic blog, not updated frequently but the posts that are there are good.

Toni writes My Favorite Hound and he is cute.  She also writes A Circle of Books, which is a book blog.

The author of Slapinions follows me.  He writes about life, fatherhood, and politics.

Bingo is the queen of book giveaways.  See Bookin With Bingo if you want to win!

Caite reviews books and writes about a lot of other things too at A Lovely Shore Breeze

David is a Catholic father who used to be a regular with Sunday Snippets.  I miss reading his posts.

I'll be listing more follower's blogs on future Top Ten posts, so if you want to see your blog here, follow me.  See what other Top Ten lists people are posting over at Amanda's place.


  1. Fun! What a great way to give back to your readers!

    Thanks for linking up--now I have some new people to read, too! :)

  2. LOVE this idea! What a great way to give back!

  3. Hello and and thank you for the mention... You are tops... Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

  4. Great list! I'm a regular reader of a couple of the blogs you mention and happy to find some new ones. :)

    (I miss David's postings, too!)

  5. Thank you for mentioning HeartfeltHeartlook. You are right, I haven't been writing on a regular basis. Grandson and parents take up my time. No regrets there though. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to stop and read! Hugs to you... :)


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