Friday, September 23, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

    1.  I'm taking my Girl Scout Brownies to camp for the day tomorrow.  We have twenty-one girls in the troop and eighteen are joining us tomorrow.  We'll go up there, make a fire and cook lunch and let the kids play in the river (less than knee deep).  My little one can hardly wait.

    2.  My high school junior is looking at colleges.  There is a big college fair here Monday night, so hopefully she'll be able to find someplace that catches her eye.  Realistically speaking  I think she'll end up at a state university; I just can't see spending the money for a private school and while she is bright and at a good school, her grades haven't been in the neighborhood to make folks want to throw lots of money at her.

    3.  My son has been driving himself to school for a couple of weeks now.  He likes the independence.  The only trouble is, he takes my mini-van, which leaves me at work without a car.

    4.  My husband's alma mater, The University of New Orleans, is having their first Homecoming football game.  He's excited.

    5.   I'm one of the many who doesn't care for all the changes to facebook.  I'd like options, but I'd like to be able to turn them off, kwim?

    6.  Since my son can drive, and since my husband has been taking the wrecked car to work to have folks in the area look at it, leaving a car at home, I've been able to send him to run errands.  Teenagers aren't all bad.

    7.  My little one wants to have a friend spend the night.  I guess that day will come soon...


      1. I had a knee-jerk bad reaction to the FB changes, but I'm liking it more as I go. I tend to get a lot of junk come through the news feed, and this has filtered it out. What I LOATHE is the changes they made to the messenging/chat system a little while back. If I wanted another email account I would ask for one. How dare they require FOUR CLICKS to delete a message????

      2. Abigail loves Steubenville and with GI Bill benefits I think we can now swing it.... turns out they also have the grad program MJ is looking for - of course two here would be a bit more difficult. But she could take loans if necessary


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