Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Christmas in September: The Santa Club--My Review

The Santa Club

About the Book:
A delightful book with captivating illustrations, The Santa Club transitions your child from receiving gifts to experiencing the joy of giving. With sensitivity, faith, and love, The Santa Club tackles the serious question, Is Santa Claus Real? To be read with your child, this wonderful book not only answers that sometimes dreaded question but it also addresses the questions of why Santa comes at Christmas and who was the first Santa. The Santa Club is a wonderful parenting resource and a stunning childrens book, and is sure to become an annual family favorite.

My Comments:
If your child asks "Is there really a Santa Claus?" what do you say?  I've never had to make that decision.  My autistic son was in fifth grade and still hadn't questioned, and the stories he cooked up about Santa were getting more and more involved, so we just came out and told him and his sister (who was in second grade).  In the past, someone my family knew, but that my kids didn't, put on the Santa suit and came in with the gifts. That year, Daddy put on the suit and we explained something, not sure anymore what, to the kids, who ended up not being traumatized at all (I think the huge stack of presents helped).  

However, my youngest is much more hip than her brother, so I suspect one day soon (she's in second grade), she'll be asking THAT question, and when she does, this would be a great book to give her.  It briefly tells the story of the birth of Jesus and about St. Nicholas.  It then explains that all people old enough to know the secret become part of the Santa Club and give gifts to others.  It cautions young readers not to share this secret with those too young to ask.  

It is a beautifully illustrated hard-cover book printed on glossy paper and would make a great gift for a child who needs to know or a parent who needs help answering THAT question.  Grade:  B+

Thanks to the publisher for sending me a review copy.  It will be a prize for Christmas in September, so stop by and link up or comment over there to win a copy.  


  1. Sounds like a cute book

  2. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I wish I had had this one about two years ago.

  3. Oooh, I'm so glad to have this review...going to order that today. Thank you!


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