Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hurricane Katrina: The Aftermath

After Katrina, things were not normal in New Orleans for a long time, but we tried to keep thinga as normal as we could. One normal thing for public school kids in Louisiana is the Social Studies Fair. Each year from fourth through eighth grade my daughter was required to enter a project in the Social Studies fair and that year, she and a friend looked at how Hurricane Katrina affected New Orleans. We drove around Lakeview, there the levee broke, and took pictures on January 6, 2006. 

This house is on Canal Boulevard and has been repaired.

The interior of that house; we stood on the porch and took pictures

I'm sure the owner cried
But people kept their sense of humor

You can see how high the water line was here.  
Debris on the neutral ground (that's median for you non-New Orleans folks)

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