Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More Katrina Photos

These pictures were taken in the months after Hurricane Katrina in Plaquemines Parish Louisiana.  Many people think of New Orleans as being at or near the mouth of the Mississippi River, however, it is about ninety miles upstream. While New Orleans is low compared to most places in the US, it is, particularly in the older parts of town, set on the "high ground".  As you continue further down the river you first enter St. Bernard Parish, and then, finally, Plaquemines Parish.  Much of Plaquemines Parish is swamp or open water.  The land is pretty much just a narrow band on either side of the Mississippi River.  There is one main road on each side of the river, and then, in the few small towns, a few more streets.  The people down there are mostly farmers and/or fisherman and/or offshore oil workers.  The levees down there were breeched during Katrian and pretty much everything was wiped out.  

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