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Bark up the Right Tree: My review

Have you ever read a book written by a dog? Well, before this afternoon I hadn't either. Then I read Bark Up the Right Tree which was written by Jessie, a black lab mutt and his adoptive owner, Ruth Tschudin. Jessie was owned by a family with an emotionally troubled son and eventually the son began abusing Jesse. The family gave Jessie up to tbe pound and Jessie didn't adapt well to shelter life. Luckily, He was taken in by one of the pet rescue groups and a new home was found for him. Jessie tells us about getting to know his new family and adapting to a new life, and how the family had to adapt too. Jessie also tells about his training as a therapy dog.

Each chapter ends with "Paws for Lessons Learned". Some of the gems include "Be content with who you are and respectfuly of others. It wards off a lot of conflict. " and "If there is something good you want to do, go for it". The book ends with a photo album showing some of the things Jessie tells us about. Animal lovers are bound to enjoy this book.

I received a bookmark with the book. The bookmark said that the book was a special charity edition and that the one available on Amazon has black and white photos. While 10% of the proceeds from the regular edition go to animals and children in need of homes, 100% of the proceeds from the charity edition, which is available to non-profit organizations for fund-raising purposes, go to Open Doors, which is an Amazing Grace Foundation Kids'n'Kritters Project. You can learn more about it at by clicking here.

About the book:
Bark up the RIGHT Tree: Lessons from a Rescued Dog by Jessie and Ruth Tschudin
ISBN: 978-1439214244
Publisher: BookSurge
Date of publish: Jan 7, 2009
Pages: 112
S.R.P.: $12.95

About the author:
Jessie Tschudin is a mature black Labrador Retriever who has found a new home and
mission in life. She enjoys people of all ages, going on long walks, and getting belly rubs.
Her dream is that all children and animals in need of loving homes will be as blessed as
she has been. She writes a free inspirational "Woof-a-Week" commentary (see and looks forward to promoting the big, first-of-its-kind
DogFest Fun'raiser that will involve non-profit organizations related to Jessie's mission.
Ruth Tschudin is a former teacher and author of Educator's Deskbook of Ideas and
Activities from Award-Winning Teachers (Parker/Prentice Hall 1980), which is based on
her own survey of outstanding teachers. Her "landmark study" was featured in Instructor
Magazine and discussed on the Today Show with Tom Brokaw.

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  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Jessie loves people. Jessie has pulled me in my wheelchair during a cancer walk. Ruth Tschudin and I have been friends for years. Jessie sees that children who need love receive love from her and is wonderful!


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