Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If Tomorrow Never Comes: My Review

I loved this book. Kinna is a nurse who suffers from infertility. She is married to Jimmy, her childhood sweetheart. One day she is in a position to steal some pergonal and does. Unfortunately when the time is right, instead of going to bed with her, Jimmy walks out. He accuses her of wanting a baby more than she wants him. Things go downhill from there.

I am fortunate that infertility is not a cross I've had to bear. Margo Schalesky is a wonderful writer and really made me feel both Kinna's pain and the pain of her husband, who feels like he can never to things right. I'm not one who usually describes books as "poignant" or writing as "lyrical" but both those words crossed my mind in reading this book. Mixed into the story of Kinna and Jimmy is the story of Thea, an old woman Kinna rescues from drowning and Joe, and old man who turns out to be more than that.

This is a First Wildcard book. Check back April 3 to read the first chapter.

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