Friday, March 06, 2009

Review: Potluck Club--Trouble's Brewing

This is the second book in the Potluck Club series. The Potluck Club is a group of women from a church in a small town in Colorado who have been meeting for many years to eat and pray together. The books take us through a time in their lives. The club members are:

Donna: A sheriff's deputy and the daughter of the sheriff. Younger than most of the members, she is the surrogate (emotionally) daughter of Vonnie. She is single and not so young anymore. She refuses to get involved and in this book we find out why.

Lizzie: The mom of two adult children, one of whom is married with children and, unfortunately, back "home" trying to decide whether he wants to stay married.

Vonnie: Married to Fred, and found out in the last book that she is the mother of a young man--a baby her mother told her died at birth. In this book she makes contact with her former in-laws and makes peace with her husband over the situation, which she had never discussed with him before her "baby" showed up at her door.

Lisa Leann: Recently moved to the town from Texas. Is opening a bridal salon, dating service etc. As advertising, she is writing the advice column for the local paper and is fabricating letters that only thinly disguise the real-life problems of the pot luckers.

Goldie: Wife of the town football coach, a man who has been unfaithful to her many times during their marriage. She has moved out and started a career. She is starting to fall for another man. Her husband wants another chance.

Evangeline: Old maid. Has been in love with Donna's father all her life. He dumped her for Donna's mother, who ran off when Donna was very young. They have started to see each other again, and she is hoping things will work out, but Donna's mother re-enters the picture.

If you like stories showing close relationships among women and celebrating long-term women's friendships, you should like this book. It is Christian fiction, but I'd say it's more fiction about Christians than anything--the characters pray, but we don't read long pages of prayers. Some are seeing the pastor for counselling, but we aren't given Jesus as the answer for every problem. There is the typical Evangelical statement that one sin is like the other in God's eyes, but hey, no book is perfect, right?

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