Saturday, March 07, 2009

Faith n Fiction Saturday--with a contest

This week, Amy's question is:

In six words or less, describe one or two of your favorite books. The book should be published for the Christian marketplace or be considered a Christian classic. You cannot include words from the titles or the names of the characters. For example, if I chose A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman, I might use the following six words: World War I, Sisters, Love, Ireland, Newspaper. If you like, though, you can make it into a sentence that describes what the book is about. But you can't use more than six words! Then we'll each go around and try to guess each other's books.

Amy is giving away an Amazon gift certificate to someone who guesses her books, so I've decided to have a contest too. I'll send one of my review books to someone who guesses my books. The contest is open for one week--until the next Faith n' Fiction post. If more than one person guesses my books, I'll have a random drawing. Here are my clues

1. blind, accident, death, anger, love, reunion

2. quilt, great-grandmother, California, journey, single mother

I can hardly wait to see other's clues. Check out Mr. Linky on Amy's blog to check out everyone's posts.


  1. finding out lots of books I don't know anything

  2. Looking through your blog I would hazard a guess the first one is Daniel's Den. I don't have a clue as to what the 2nd one is. I'm not going to google it though, will give it some thought.

    Mine is up here

  3. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Stumped again. This is rough today! :(

    I got my offering up at Free Spirit-

  4. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Hey, RANN -- you got one of mine right! ("This Side of Heaven") Good job! :D

    MizB of Should Be Reading

  5. I'm clueless. This is a fun game!

  6. You must be the pro here, because you got mine right too!
    Maybe MyfriendAmy should give a prize to the person who gets the most right!??
    I'll lobby for you.

  7. Hopefully, I have not read these books or I will feel pretty stupid!


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