Saturday, March 21, 2009

You Turn Changing Directions in Midlife: My Review

You Turn was sent to me via Bostick, an email list that offers bloggers books for review.

You Turn, written by Dr. Nancy Irwin, is the story of over forty people over 40 who made major life changes. Most of them went from normal jobs to being motivational speakers, lifestyle consultants or other similar jobs. The book, and stories of the people in it, are filled with encouragement and advice on making changes to your life and doing things you find fulfilling. It is very much a "you can do" book, but it isn't a book for everyone. The new careers of some of the people are very new-age, and there is one coming out story by a self-proclaimed lesbian. This is definitely not a "find Jesus and find happiness" book; rather it is a "you can be happy if you choose to be" book.

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