Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Children's Book Review: Too Too Many Tutus

My daughter was glad to see that the package today was for her. Too Too Many Tutus is a watercolor-illustrated book about a young girl who is getting ready for ballet class. Her problem is that she has "too too many tutus". She looks at each different color tutu and imagines herself dancing it. In green she imagines herself on the grass, in blue, at the beach and in pink, she imagines herself as a flower. Then her mother points out that if she wore the white tutu all the colors are included. The final two pictures show her in a white tutu with a rainbow in the background.

This was our bedtime story tonight and my five year old liked it. "Too too many tutus" had a funny ring to it. I'm not sure she "got" the idea that white encompasses all the colors, but I did point out the rainbow and said that all the colors in the rainbow together make white.

I liked the illustrations. They are watercolors and remind me of the screens forming the backdrop of the last ballet I attended (and don't ask how long ago that was). For each color tutu, the story tells what Christina imagined herself to be, so with each picture I asked my daughter if she thought Christina looked like a _____. When she was in the orange tutu she was supposed to be fire or flame, and my daughter agreed that she looked like one.

This would be a cute addition to your ballerina's library.

The author is Suzanne Davis Marion. You are invited to visit her website. I'd like to thank her for sending me this book to review.

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  1. Anonymous1:38 AM

    Children always love kids story books. My daughter is a heavy reader and she loves each and every single one I buy for her.


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