Monday, July 13, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Thanks to Marcia at the Printed Page for hosting Mailbox Mondays. Go see what other folks got this week.

Another full mailbox week, and a rather eclectic group of books.

From the author, via Bostik, I have The Inconvenient Adventures of Uncle Chestnut. This book, which is geared for young readers presents the "wit and wisdom" of Chesterton in fictional stories. It is hoped by the author, Paul Nowak, that this will be the first book in a series. See my review.

The second book in the Sweetgum Ladies series is Knit for Love. You can read my review of of the first one here. If anything, this second book was better. Read my review. First Wildcard will tour this book August 28.

As the mother of three, including one gifted student and one autistic student, schools are a topic of great importance to me. FSB sent me Wounded by School. It is about recapturing the joy in learnig and standing up to the old school culture.

From Goodreads, I got a thriller about the death of Pope John Paul I, and danger to John Paul II. It is called Holy Bullet and it is by the same author who wrote The Last Pope.

My five year old was glad to see Too Too Many Tutus, a story that uses a young girl's quandry over which tutu to wear to ballet class to teach that white encompasses all colors. Too see if your daughter would enjoy it, read my review.

Falling Into the Sun was in my mailbox. Here is the product description from Amazon:
After discovering her neighbor's suicide, Kate Nardek realizes that the same kind of despair that spurred her neighbors self-destruction fuels her teenage son's violent blowups. She seeks psychological help for him, a decision that changes both their lives. I enjoyed the book and reflected on how differently our society sees mental illness than it does physical illness.

I got Surprised by Canon Law, Vol. 2 from The Catholic Company. It's question and answer format made it a quick easy read, as you can see by my review.


  1. They certainly are eclectic. That's good, then you won't get burnt out on one genre. Have a great week and happy reading. My MM is here

  2. I hope you enjoy them all!


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