Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Review: A Man of His Word

Isn't that a sweet looking cover? It is like everything else in this book, sweet. However too much sweet gets to you, and I'm afraid this book is just a little too sweet. It is the story of Moriah Byler, a young Amish woman. It starts on the morning of her wedding and shows us a year in her life, during which she suffers great loss and finds love. There is also another romance in this book. Most of the characters pray regularly, are forgiving and very sweet. Its like these Amish are all super-Christians. They don't hate, they forgive, they have few conflicts. Even the bad guys don't stay that way.

If seeing an Amish girl on the cover makes the novel good for you, then I'm sure you'll like this one. To quote the back cover: "When Moriah Byler married Levi Miller, she thought they would share a long life together. She is astonished when one day he abruptly leaves the Order, and her along with it.....What Moriah doesn't know is that Levi's twin, Gabriel, has loved her for years...."

It was a quick easy read but lacked much depth.

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