Saturday, July 04, 2009

How to Score: My Review

Thanks to the folks at Hatchette, I've had the opportunity to read How to Score by Robin Wells. I'd generally classify it as a romance novel because the main plot line is the romance between the hero, Chase and heroine Sammi. He is an FBI agent who is minding the store of his brother's life coach business while his brother is spending a few weeks in the Witness Protection Program. She is one of the clients. His brother's business is conducted by phone and they sound alike, so no one is the wiser when he takes over. He is intrigued by her and arranges to see her as himself, and then ends up meeting her. For a while, she knows him on the phone as "Luke" her life coach and in person as Chase. "Luke" is giving her pointers on dealing with Chase....

A subplot deals with her boss, a lady who for years was the mistress of a wealthy man. For various reasons she is now forced to look at her past and realizes she was used; that the relationship wasn't what she thought it was.

This is a mass market romance. It has one sex scene and it happens before marriage. As far as how steamy the scene is, well, it is clear they are doing more in bed than sleeping, and we do get descriptions of body parts but it isn't one of those books where we get long descriptions of exactly who did what to whom and what the response was, though there is definitely too much there to be PG rated, if that makes any sense.

This was a quick enjoyable read, with a few twists that took it from the standard romance novel format.

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