Friday, July 31, 2009

My Review: The Blue Enchantress

I enjoyed the first book in this series, The Red Siren (click on title for my review)so I was glad to sign up when First Wildcard offered the second book, The Blue Enchantress, for review. The heroine of The Blue Enchantress is Hope, the daughter of a British admiral. They live in Charles Towne in the early 1700's. At the end of The Red Siren, Hope had stowed away on ship carrying her lover, Lord Falkland. She knew he'd be glad to see her, and figured he'd marry her as soon as possible. She was wrong. His wife was on board and he acted as if he didn't know her. She ended up on the auction block on St. Kitts, to be sold as an indentured servant. The hero, Captain Nathaniel Mason, a ship captain and merchant who knew her from Charles Towne (but who she wouldn't give the time of day) purchases her. The cost is his ship. He is determined to see her safely home and hires on as a navigator on a ship to pay their passage. Among the people board are a pious woman, the daughter of murdered missionaries, who is planning on being one herself, and a family consisting of a young girl, her mother and her father. The mother is pregnant and the father has little to do with his family. They encounter a hurricane, are marooned on a small island and then taken by pirates. The missionary becomes close to the pirate captain. Lord Falkland is the bad guy, and it is a romance, so I'll let you figure you what happens in the end, though I will say that the Red Siren makes a cameo appearance.

Like The Red Siren, this is a fun read, full of adventure. Like The Red Siren, it isn't very realistic. It is also on the preachy side at times. Even given the weakness of the story, I look forward to reading the next book in the series, The Raven Saint.

First Wildcard will tour this book August 18. Check back then to read the first chapter and learn about the author, M.L. Tyndale.


  1. I just received this one. I'm curious about it, because I didn't love The Red Siren. It was ok, but not stellar.

  2. I loved this one! I thought it was a lot better than The Red Siren. :-)

  3. I really loved MatLu's Pirates series and this series hasn't disappointed me so far. I've only read the Red Siren so far but I think Hope and Nathaniel's story looks good. I didn't like Hope in Red Siren so I'm hoping she get's "redeemed" in this one!


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