Monday, January 19, 2009

Book Review: The Choice

A couple of months ago I read Suzanne Woods Fisher's book, Amish Peace and reviewed it.  When Revell asked me if I wanted to participate in the blog tour for The Choice, I was glad to join.

As is true of many books about the Amish, the main conflict in this one is internal.  The main character, Carrie, has to decide whether to remain Amish or go to the outside world.  Several other characters have to make the  same choice, and not all of them make the same choice, and like other folks, people making the same choices may have different motivations for making them.  The Amish are shown as real people--some are kind, others are not; and the non-Amish are not universally good or bad either.

The Choice is an enjoyable light read.  A couple of the characters have a spirituality that is more like mainstream evangelical's than Amish and we get to hear one of those characters discuss the Bible and pray but I wouldn't call the book overly religious or preachy, nor is  it syrupy sweet, though folks to live happily ever after.

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