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Taking it Deeper Tuesday: The Christian View of Women

Yesterday's First Wildcard post was M.L. Tyndale's The Red Siren.
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In short, in this book a wealthy young woman takes up being a pirate in her spare time to acquire enough money so that neither she nor her sisters will be forced into marriage for the sake of money. Needless to say, that is not a traditional female role. Many non-believers criticise religions, including but not limited to the more traditional forms of Christianity, for oppressing women and keeping them in positions of subjugation.

What do you think Christianity has to say about gender roles? Do Christians, from what you can see, generally follow God's will with regard to gender roles, or have they conformed to the world? When looking strictly at things of this world (which I know isn't the Christian way, but let's pretend for a moment) are women better off because of Christianity, or would they be better off without it? Let's talk about Christianity, how it views gender roles and how Christians do or don't live out that part of their faith.

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  1. Goodness gracious! What a truly deep question! I haven't completed Red Siren yet, but I feel like I've battled this gender role and come out on the other side.

    I attended a women's college, and throughout those four years spent a lot of time discussing the oppression of women. By the time I became engaged to be married my senior year, my head was pretty muddled. The following summer I was blessed to sit in a series of classes discussing the role of women in the home according to Scripture, and I was amazed at what I learned!

    God does have a specific design for the roles of men and women. To deny that role is to shake your fist in God's face and tell Him you've got better plans. I've done that. For women to sacrifice their families on the career alter is not a wise move. I had only one professor to be honest with me about that issue. She told me that yes, she was a wife, a mother and a professional. But on any given day she could only be really good in one area. In order to do that the other areas suffered. She focused on her career and wound up divorced. So did another of my professors.

    I'm not advocating sacrificing the plans God has for you, because does gift us with certain talents that He intends us to use for His glory. However, if He blesses you with a husband and children, He has given you a role that no amount of money or any degree or title can match.

    Yes, I have to work full-time. But my focus is NOT my job. It is my family. I don't have a huge salary, nor have I achieved what many of my professors dreamed of me. But I'll celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary this year, and I have two sons who know the Lord in the pardon of sin. I am a very rich woman!!

    Great question!

  2. I believe that we do have gender roles. Women are called to be the caregiver of children and the home. There are situations where that may not be possible but it is the ideal. And men are called to provide for their family and protect them - again the ideal.
    I think we should strive for those ideals.
    I think true Christianity puts women in a better position. They are loved by their spouse, cared for by their spouse, etc. And in return, they show respect to their husband. Unfortunately worldly ways interfere and we lose our way at times and don't do as we ought.
    During our first three years of marriage, I was the provider in our family because dh was in grad school full-time. It was either that or delay getting married for 3 yrs which didn't make sense to us. Since that time, dh has been the breadwinner and I've been home with the children. There was one school year that I worked part-time. While it didn't interfere with getting things done at home, it did cut into the amount of time I could devote to assisting at the kids' schools

  3. Great topic! I've been thinking on it and ... well, it isn't an easy one to discuss, is it? I really want to discuss it on my blog but haven't had time yet. I'll come back and let you know when I do!


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