Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Review: Gingham Mountain

Some books are just plain fun to read. Gingham Mountain is one of them. It is the story of Hannah, a young woman who survived childhood as an orphan and Grant, an orphan who was adopted shortly before his adoptive parents died, who now adopts orphans. Hannah, a newcomer to town is sure that Grant, like the man who took her in, is abusing the kids and using them as slave labor. However, she learns the truth about him, and despite her best effort, finds herself attracted to him. Though he has vowed to God never to marry so as to be able to care for orphans, he finds himself falling for her. Throw in a subplot about a couple of con artists who are trying to get Grant to marry one of them (a woman) so that when the other (her husband) kills Grant, she will inherit his land (on which they have found oil) and the story moves away from the standard romance model. While there are a few serious passages, mostly the book is upbeat and funny. It was just what I needed after working too much overtime to prepare for a trial that got postponed YET AGAIN!!

First Wildcard will tour this book February 16. Check back then to read the first chapter and to learn about the author.

Question for discussion: What can we do today to help children whose families are unable or unwilling to care for them?


  1. This one sounds good... adding it to my BookMooch list

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Sounds like a good one. I'll look for it.


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