Friday, January 02, 2009

Faith n Fiction Saturday

The question Amy posted this week is as follows:

What are your reading goals for the new year? Do you have plans to read through the Bible or complete any Bible studies? Do you hope to expand your reading horizons or reread some old favorites? Do you want to read more fiction or non-fiction? Do you want to increase the amount of Christian fiction you read? Do you have any goals for reading as it relates to your blog?

My answer:

Pope Benedict declared June 28, 2008 to June 27, 2009 to be the Year of St. Paul, during which the faithful are asked to learn more about St. Paul and his writings. I'm working my way through Paul's New Testament writings, and will probably do a study like this one by Scott Hahn during Lent. I'm halfway through Hahn's Lamb's Supper (and unfortunately have been for quite some time; I really need to finish it--but I like my reading light and it has a lot to think about). I enjoyed Anne Rice's novels about Jesus and would like to read her reversion story, titled Called Out of Darkness.

As far as pleasure reading, I don't really make plans, except to work my way through my TBR stack. My friend Carrie suggested the Fr. Dowling mysteries and I have a few of those waiting for me. There are a couple of Emilie Richards books waiting on me and some by Angela Hunt. Since I've started doing book tours, I try to get the review books read first, and others later, but sometimes I' m just not in the mood for the next review book.

Thanks to Amy for hosting this; check out her blog to see other's choices.


  1. I think a study of Paul and his writings sounds marvelous. :)

  2. I always find reading the Pauline epistles to be edifying!

    Reading Plans for the New Year

  3. Marvelous goal - reading through Paul's letters.

  4. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I knew nothing of the Pope's declaration, but I really enjoy the depth of Paul's letters in the New Testament.

    Got my answers up at Free Spirit,

  5. I am right in the middle of the Bible study To Live Is Christ which follows Paul's missionary journeys. I wondered about Anne Rice's books, glad I read your review.

  6. I don't have any real goals. I plan to continue to request 3-5 books to read/review each month... and hopefully start to read down my two large baskets of Bookmooch books

  7. I want to read Anne Rice's spiritual memoir as well. Enjoy your reading!


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